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Card Payments with Stripe
How to purchase the Stripe Card present reader
How to purchase the Stripe Card present reader

Debit and Credit card present payments

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Make it even easier for your customer to pay you face to face using the Card Present machine.
So simple to take money from your customer face to face using their debit/credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay all integrated with the ClubRight Till, which seamlessly flows into the reporting and Xero if you are connected.

Using the BBPOS WisePOS E PDQ device means you are now able to take card present transactions using the ClubRight Virtual Till with ease.

The BBPOS WisePOS E is a countertop reader for Stripe Terminal apps. It connects to Stripe account over the internet using a WiFI connected in your premises and will then allow you to use card present transactions, including Apple Pay and Google Pay

Here are the steps to place your order

Step 1 Click below to purchase your reader

Step 2 When you click on the device marked it will show this one to purchase in the Stripe cart as per image below
You can if you wish also add an e dock for the counter top if you so wish as well but optional and not essential.

Step 3 Conclude your order with stripe so that this can then be dispatched to you ready to use with ClubRight.

Step 4 What to do once the reader has arrived to get it working with your ClubRight Till

How much does it cost?

The charges to use the Integrated Card solution are straightforward, unlike traditional card payment providers.
Typically card providers tie you into 36 month contracts, charge set-up fees and have a monthly service fee, even if you did not take a card payment of £25 per month on average.

You will be pleased to know it is a whole lot easier with ClubRight

  • No Contract

  • No Set up Fees

  • No Monthly Service Fee

  • Just pay for the card payments you take

ONLY 1.95% Plus 20p per card transaction (Which includes the ClubRight application fee) exc. vat.

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