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Customised dashboard with Complete

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The ClubRight dashboard with Complete can be customised so that you can see everything your way.

As part of the customised dashboard you will find many new KPI widgets that can be selected from a simple menu allowing for an even deeper dive into how your business is performing in real time.

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How to use the dashboard
Step 1
Select edit mode which will then display the customisable dashboard

Step 2
Click on add item to reveal the list of the list of KPI's that can be added to your dashboard to make even more focused on the elements that are key to your business.

Step 3
To remove a KPI widget that you do not wish to have on the dashboard simply click on the red x and that widget will be removed.

Step 4

If you do make a mistake or wish to start a fresh you can click on the the rest button and the whole dashboard will go back to the default dashboard. If you want to then you can use this as the starting point to customise the dashboard again.

So all easy to use allowing you to see your business dashboard in real time in your way.


It should be noted that the customisable dashboard feature is not available for Trainer or Staff levels of access to the Complete software.

The Customised Dashboard is a feature that is only available on our Complete & Combine solutions

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