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The Trainer App Complete

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The Trainer App gives power to the member of staff on the gym floor access to a unique App view allowing a number of special features, whilst at the same time giving that person a restricted view of ClubRight.

How to set up

Step 1
Simply go to settings > Staff. Then set up a new staff member in the normal way but select their level as Trainer
When that person creates their access to ClubRight it will automatically display the Trainer view.

Step 2
The Trainer can then go to the App stores to download the App in the same way as your customers do, but their view will be The Trainer view when they login with their password.

What are the benefits of the Trainer App

  • Add a Prospect into the database

  • Add a Member and sell a membership plan

  • Search members by using the QR reader feature to read the QR code from a members App.

    Allows you quickly to go to a member details without typing their name customers into classes via the diary view on the diary

  • Book customers into classes and activities on the go using the Trainer App view via the diary and collect payment if the activity is not included as part of a membership plan.

  • Sell items from Trainer App on the go by using the Till feature made even easier if the customer has already got their card saved in the system, so a transaction can be completed even if the customer does not have their purse or wallet to hand.

  • Smart Retention Tool will show an alert at the same time as sending a push notification which enables a team member to see who is at risk of leaving the club as they have not been seen for a while, hence why they appear as red alert

    You can then easily recognise that customer and take time out to speak with them so they really feel that their visit today has been the best possible experience, especially when they have a lapse in their attendance, hence why they are a red alert customer today.

  • It is easy to click on the Upcoming activities so that a customer can booked on a class where spaces exist to ensure they are not left unsold.

  • Messages allows the user to see any messages that have been sent to them to action

Overall the Trainer App gives the member of the team the ability to do all the important tasks that

  • Generate more revenue

  • Retain customers for longer

  • Keep connected on the go in the club

The Trainer App is a feature that is only available on our Complete & Combine solutions

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