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Smart Retention Tool

Smart Retention Tool in Complete and Combine

Updated over a week ago

  • Smart Retention Tool will show an alert on the main dashboard at the same time as sending a push notification to anyone with the Trainer App, which enables a team member to see who is at risk of leaving the club as they have not been seen for a while, hence why they appear as red alert


    You can then easily recognise that customer and take time out to speak with them so they really feel that their visit today has been the best possible experience, especially when they have a lapse in their attendance, hence why they are a red alert customer today.


You can create your own "Red Alert Criteria" within the Settings area of your ClubRight system, as each club is different and you know your customers best.

  • Go to - Settings > Club Info > Club Access > & set your own "Red Alert Criteria"

The Smart Retention Tool is a feature that is only available on our Complete & Combine solutions

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