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Upgrade from Core to Complete
Upgrade from Core to Complete

Core to Complete Upgrade

Updated over a week ago

Save time, grow faster & earn more money?

Check out our the Complete Solution

The Main Benefits

  • Automatically Chase Your Overdue Payments

    We will provide you with a series of automated/pre-written template communications (Via Push/Smart Notifications, Email &/or SMS). to chase your members who do not pay on time (GoCardless only). The communications will direct them back to their Member App, where they can then pay the default online (Via Online Card) with no resistance, or confrontation at your front desk. These templates can be renamed/re-worded to suit your tone of voice, but they are a great foundation to build on. Please note: Once put into your system, they do not go "Live" straight away, you will need to set the trigger once you are happy with the content and they will then only work from that date/time for any new members who default.

  • Get More Members

    Our Smart Referrals Tool, allows you to reward your customers who refer others that then join your club. Choose to reward the referrer, or referee, or both of them, by either giving an ongoing fixed £ discount, or a percentage off, or even ePoints (See the feature below for details). Please note: This only works for recurring Monthly memberships that you choose. Important: During your Free Trial it is advised to not use this feature (Please see T&C's at the bottom of page).

  • ePoints

    ePoints can be considered as an internal currency within your club, where your members can put money onto their account & spend it on Memberships / Activities &/or products that you decide. You can even reward Members with ePoints that they can then spend on items within your club, that once again you can decide are available. Important: During your Free Trial it is advised to not use this feature (Please see T&C's at the bottom of page).

  • Get More Leads

    Within Settings > Club Info > Apps, you will find an Online Enquiry Form that can easily be integrated into your existing website, or shared on social media. It allows potential members to complete some personal details and then message in with an enquiry, without the concern that they may be joining. The benefits of this is; it is fully GDPR compliant and also starts them on their journey to becoming a member, by being in your ClubRight system.

  • Sell More Memberships

    Create your very own bespoke Sales Funnel, along with Promotional codes to take prospects from an enquiry to a new member quickly and effortlessly. This can also be achieved automatically too as part of our automation feature (Also part of the “Complete” solution).

  • Keep Your Members for Longer

    You can create the criteria for what is known as a non-regular user for your business and then if one of those people check in, you (& your staff) will be alerted so that you can go and speak to them early on in their decision to maybe cancel.

  • Automate Your Admin

    Set up your own bespoke customer Journey Automation - Based on various Triggers (Via Push/Smart Notifications, Email &/or SMS). You can also incorporate Promotional codes too for sales communications.
    - Joined as a Prospect
    - Started Membership
    - Payment Overdue (See feature above)
    - Last Visit

    - Booking Made
    - Attendance
    - Membership Expires

    - Birthdays
    - Sales Funnel Stage changes

  • Improve Communications with Your Members

    Send Free, Unlimited, Push/Smart Notifications via their Members App. If sent as a Smart Notification, it will then be sent automatically as an email if they do not have the App.

  • Offline Access Control & Recording of Attendance

    If your internet drops in & out, you will still be able to allow customers to access your facility &/or record their attendance using the offline Welcome Screen.

Additional Features Included

  • Bulk Actions Tool (Cancel / Freeze / Unfreeze / Extend & Make Bulk Price Changes)

  • Trainer App (Restricted view)

  • Business App (Including additional KPI & Trend Widgets)

  • Customisable Business Dashboard (Remove/add widgets & change layout)

  • Unlimited Additional Tiles on your Members App

  • Find a Member quickly by scanning their QR Code using your Staff App

  • Edit the generic Automated Emails to use your Logo & Tone of Voice

  • Staff Payroll Report (Hours Worked & Activity)

  • Google Analytics

  • Multi-site access - Members can join 1x club & access the other(s) - Not Bookings

  • Create Automatic Tasks for Staff

  • Unlimited On-Demand sections available

How Much is the upgrade?

The "Core" solution costs only £69 Plus Vat per month that you are currently or
£2.27 +vat per day

The "Complete" solution will only cost you £3.91 +vat per day

Put Simply £1.64 +vat per month more for benefits that will rocket fuel your business

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