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New Enquiry page for your website a Complete Feature

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One of the life bloods of any business is gaining new customers to your club.
Much of the challenge of doing this is to ensure that potential new customers can easily make an enquiry that then falls in to automated process to convert that person into a paying customer

The New Enquiry Page makes that really simple to generate new leads right from your website into the Sales Funnel as part of the Complete Solution.

How to set this up

Step 1 - Go to Settings > Club Info > choose Enquire

Step 2 - Then click on Set Up which will allow you to set up your own header text to the page

Step 3 - You can then copy this URL to be used on your clubs website to direct customers to make an enquiry.

What does it look like on your club website?

It is now possible for your new enquiries to come via your website straight into your Sales Funnel ready to follow them up to become a member.

Top Tips

Use the New Enquiry Page on any device to capture potential customers where ever you are and on any device making it really simple to take your business tools on out reach activity. Then your new prospects will be added directly in to your Sales Funnel with your automations fired up to convert your prospects into paying customers.

Consider linking to your enquiry page on social media, or even using it in an iframe on your website!

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