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Customer deletion request feature

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As part of the ongoing changes with GDPR a recent change has been made to the Member App to allow a customer to request that their Member App Account is deleted.

Please note: This has nothing to do with a customer cancelling their membership plan with the club, as it is simply a request to the club to remove their Member App Account. This could be used in a really positive way to retain customers if you have not seen them for a while.
ClubRight are a data processor only so the ability to deal with all member/customer requests is at the discretion of your business.

This was added for compliance reasons, to ensure that we are all up to date with GDPR practices and are meeting the requirements of both the App/Play stores.

So how does it work - Members App View
The new "deletion request" button is hidden on the page where members edit their user details, and doesn't automatically delete anything, it just lodges the request to you, the gym owner, to handle at your discretion.

This is the Members View

Step 1 - member can click on the Request account deletion link

Step 2 - The member can see that they are about to submit the request for their account deletion but of course nothing to do with their membership with your club

Step 3 - This now show that a request has been lodged with the club pending approval by the club

Step 4 - The member can carry on using the Member App seeing that their request is pending and wait from a response from the club

The Club Admin view

This will be the view a club sees of this request made by a member to have their account deleted.

Step 1 - A notification will appear under tasks on the club dashboard

Step 2 - This automatically creates a task that needs to be completed in the normal way, but alerts you to the type of task.

Step 3 - Once you have spoken with the member/customer who has made the request you would go to their profile to delete them from your club database.

Step 4 - After this has been done you are then able to mark this task as Done

The importance of this new feature is to simplify the ability for a customer to make a deletion request via the Member App

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