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Setting up ePoints

This is a Complete feature only

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Introducing ePoints as part of the Complete solution opens up a world of new ways to grow your business, making it simple to implement inventive ways in which you can do this,

For example

  • Create an amount of money as credit, that a member can spend in the club

  • Sell Gift vouchers that can then become ePoints to be spent in the club

  • Incentive for Referrals where ePoints can be awarded each month

Just a few of the ideas we have had of how you can use ePoints in your business straight away and I am sure you can think of many more

How to set up ePoints

ePoints will allow you to add 'points' onto a members profile which can then be used to purchase products.

For example a member can purchase 1000 ePoint. This would be worth £10. Then if you purchase a product which costs 100 ePoints this would leave me with 900 ePoints to use going forward.

Step 1

To setup ePoints you will go to the settings

Then to Products

Now setup a new product

Please select product type as ePoints

Then enter the price for the ePoints.

1 ePoint is equivalent to 1p - this cannot be changed.

If you want to setup the price to £10, this will give the customer 1000 ePoints.

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Step 2

Under advanced options you can see how many ePoints will be given.

Step 3

Now you will go to the settings, products, click through your products

Under the advanced options tab please select all product to be purchasable with ePoint.

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Step 4

A member can now add in ePoints then use this to purchase products. Below is an example where a member purchased 1000 ePoints, and purchased a product costing £1 with the points.

You can only use this feature with GoCardless and Stripe payment methods

Using ePoints can become a very effective way of giving your customers rewards which actually cost your business much less but have a higher value to your customers.
For Example
ePoints to buy protein shakes will have a much higher customer value when compared to the actual cost price of a protein shake to the club.

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