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Smart Referral Tool

How to setup referrals.

Updated over a week ago

This is a Complete solution feature only.

Growing your membership business using a Referral Scheme is the most effective and affordable way to grow your business income, but managing the process can be hard work.

This is why we have created The Smart Referral Tool to make it super easy for you, all part of the Complete Solution

Watch this video to find out how it all works

The smart referral scheme will allow members to refer new signups, then you can reward these members.

If the member being referred would then leave the club it would remove the referral reward setup on the other customer.

Step 1

  • To setup the smart referral scheme you will go to the settings

  • Now click on club info

  • Then within club info , press the referrals tab

  • Within here under referral type please select the type of referral reward you would like to add, for example fixed price discount, % price discount, or adding ePoints to an account.

Fixed price - If you enter a fixed price of £2 discount, this means if a member refers another they would get £2 off the plan no matter what price the plan is.

Discount price - If you enter in 10% then if a member refers another they would get 10% off the plan.

Adding ePoints - If a member refers another member they can have ePoints added to the account which would let them purchase items through the online shop.

  • Now enter in the amount of rewards the referring member will receive

  • Then you can enter in the amount of rewards the referred member would receive

  • Now select the frequency of how often they would get the reward such as one off, or monthly.

Step 2

On the right hand side select the plan this referral is active for.

The below screenshot will discount the referring member £2 each month off the membership fee for a referral on the selected plans only.

Step 3

You will go to the joining member, then to the profile tab, within here, enter in who referred this member.

Then this will activate the reward to the member/ members depending on how you set this up.

Step 4

Once the person being referred has been added it will automatically apply the reward to each person.
Example The person referring gets a £1 off and the person being referred gets a £1 off
So it is very easy to add the person being referred once and the active monthly memberships both parties they have will both benefit from the Referral Award amount

Step 5
If the person being referred leaves the club it is always difficult to administer or even see when that happens normally.

But with the Smart Referral Tool it could not be any easier because the minute the person who was referred leaves the club the person who made the referral's membership will go back up by the value of the award.

Example The award was a £1 per month off each month automatically goes back up by £1

Step 6

In the Member profile you will be able to see how many referrals they have in place and Active, but also show those that are no longer active as well.

Shows below Active Referrals and Inactive Referrals for a complete audit trail.

Step 7
You can also find a very useful Referrals Report under reporting.

We hope you can now enjoy how easy it is grow your membership numbers using the
Smart Referral Tool all part of the Complete Solution.

You can only use this feature with GoCardless and Stripe payment methods

Top Tip
Get your members actively promoting your club to their friends with an internal promotion of asking everyone to recommend at least one friend to join the club.
This will simply double your members overnight if everyone recommends at least one friend.
Could not be any easier

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