Retention reports

How to see members who have not been in recently, who has booked classes, and how long members have had an active plan for

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Customer Retention is the lifeblood of your business as happy customers stay longer and also recommend their friends.

To find the retention reports you will go to the reports

Now click on the retention section

You can then see the reports in here.

Sleeping members report - Paying members who have not been seen within a month.

Amber alert members - Members who haven't been in regularly (twice per week) for the last 2 full weeks.

Red alert members - Members who have not been in regularly (4 times) for the last month.

This will only show those who have come in once within the criteria set (1 visit every 4 weeks)

Expired frequent attenders - Frequent attenders with an expired membership.

Attendance - Who has attended the club within a specific time range you set.

Length of stay - Number of days a member has had an active membership with the club.

Sleeping members

Amber alert

Red alert


Length of stay
Knowing how long your customers stay shows the strength in your business, as it is easy to see which plans are the most popular, how long members have been with you plus average length of stay. This becomes very insightful as to the stability of your membership basis and in turn your bottom-line.

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