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Our Latest Release: 29th of October 2022
Our Latest Release: 29th of October 2022

New Features, System Updates and benefits of the October Release

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At ClubRight, we are always working hard behind the scenes to add new features that will help you to grow your business, but also make using ClubRight even easier for you to use.

So, this is a summary of what will go live on the 29th of October 2022

Ways to grow your business

NEW Smart Retention Tool - A Complete Solution feature

NEW ePoints - A Complete Solution feature

NEW Length of Stay Report - All Solutions feature

Making using ClubRight even easier

Continue Setup button - All solutions feature
Ensure your account is always set up correctly.
The "Continue Set Up" button, which can be found on the main dashboard, allows you to ensure that key elements of your set up are always up to date.

  • Add New Activities even quicker

    If you want to add a New Activity, rather than go back to the Settings area each time, we have created a shortcut to make it even easier for you.

  • Manage Dashboard tasks your way.
    Allows you to decide which automated task alerts you see on your dashboard in the "Task" section. If you do not want to see certain notifications, you can turn them off or on as you wish.

  • Members App version checker.
    Allows you/your staff to check which version of the ClubRight Member App they are using, which can help you to identify if they are having a problem and just need to update it.

  • Add a Task button via a Notification.
    When a Red Alert notification appears, it is now even quicker to add a task to that member instantly.

  • New latest Active Membership button
    Means you do not have to go to the membership tab to see the Active membership, you can see it here and then click to expand the details of the plan.

  • New tabulated set up for Products
    Now it is even easier to look at tabs, rather than scroll down the page when setting up a product

  • Account Deletion Request Update
    We have updated the words to this App Store requirement following is recent approval.

Also, as part of this release, there have been some system updates which have been necessary at this time and all part of our routine maintenance.

If you have any questions about our products &/or solutions, please contact us on the Orange circle or

Find out more about our "Complete" solution:

If you are interested in finding out more about the Complete Solution and the many features that help you to grow your business, please either message us on the Orange Button or email on

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