Setting up the QR & Barcode scanner.

How to setup the QR scanner.

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Key Points to Note

  • It is important to ensure that your access control set up has a dedicated Windows PC. This will not work on mac. Please ensure the computer has at least 6GB of physical memory and is hardwired to the internet.

  • Check all cables are fully connected and nothing is blocking the ports. Ensure all hardware is working. Also please ensure the welcome screen is open and online.

  • We can only support or guarantee hardware that we have supplied or has been tested previously and therefore known to work with ClubRight.

Step 1

Go to Settings in the top right

Club Info, and select the apps tab. apps tab

Download the welcome screen.

This will then download the latest version.

Step 2

Open the welcome screen and log in with your owner account details.

Click F12, this will open the options menu.

Step 3

Click set next to reader ID.

Scan a barcode

This should automatically fill in the reader ID.

Do not type on the keyboard within this step otherwise it will link up incorrectly

Step 4

Click save and restart the welcome screen.

Step 5

Test this works with a member/test member.

Step 6

Now ensure the welcome screen remains open to work with clubright.

Most clubs like to have the Welcome Screen open and customer-facing for members to see when they walk in which will also greet them and contains important information as well.

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