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This article is designed to provide quick question & answers when setting up Paxton or if you have an issue that means your Paxton system does not work as expected.

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Ensure that the Paxton Approved Company knows what you are looking to achieve with having Access control fitted and that they are fully understanding of the work necessary to install and simply connect ClubRight.

There are 2 reasons why you will need an Approved Paxton Access control company to ensure you are connected correctly with ClubRight

1) No Access Control fitted, which means it will require a site survey so that an Access control company can provide a quotation for this to be installed and connected with ClubRight.

2) Paxton already installed. which then needs to be connected with ClubRight and may also require new hardware that the Access control company can advise on for you.

Choosing who to install your Paxton Access Control

Approved Suppliers

  • It is highly recommended to choose from one of ClubRight's approved suppliers as they will have all the experience needed for s smooth easy install to your business premises and will provide the necessary survey needed in advance of producing a quotation for their services.

  • As such these suppliers know exactly what hardware to fit to efficiently connect to ClubRight making for a smooth install.

    Using an alternative Paxton Installer

  • If you were to use your own choice of supplier we do provide some easy to understand instructions for your Access Control company to follow.

  • ClubRight do not recommend hardware options as this is the expertise of the Paxton engineer.

  • Ensure that your chosen supplier fully understands how to connect Paxton to ClubRight and has also bench tested if necessary all readers/hardware in advance of the installation date to ensure a smooth install for you.

  • The ClubRight Welcome Screen operates independently of Paxton to update the Paxton database with your members latest status every 5 mins, allowing the door to be managed.

Other Top Tips

  • Ensure you have a healthy Windows 10 or above PC (Not a laptop) that is in good working order and free from any issues that would allow it now to work correctly​

  • Ensure you that this PC is connected to your internet router ideally hardwired to avoid dropouts typically caused by WiFi connection.

  • It is important to note that if you have a previous membership software provider connected to Paxton it is critical that all connections to your previous provider are removed from the Windows PC that ClubRight is connected to.

  • The ClubRight integration allows you to connect to Paxton Net2 software

  • The Paxton Installer will then advise on all the hardware needs that are required
    Magnetic Door
    Speed Gates

    QR Code readers
    PIN Pads

Have a problem?
If you do happen to experience a situation where your Paxton set up is not working as expected it will typically be a localised issue that has occurred in your business rather than a global ClubRight issue.
In this case contact the Help Desk in the first instance to provide the next steps to how to resolve your Paxton Issue.

In rare the event of a Global ClubRight issue be rest assured the Tech Team will know about it already and working on swift resolution for all our customers.

To check if ClubRight has a Global click on the button below

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