Pre Access Control Set Up Survey

Pre Access Control Set Up Survey

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What is Access Control

Access control requirements can vary depending on your business, from a simple scan at reception when a member arrives, to a 24-hour facility, needing to manage access 7-days a week.

ClubRight will allow you to control who can enter the gym, how many times they can enter, and at what times. Plus, with our integrations, you can setup the access control solution that suits you best.

Your Access control MUST be connected to a Windows PC ONLY - meeting our minimum requirements - It will not operate on an Apple Device.

How to find out more about how it works?

Access control is very simple for us to help you with. It is best planned in a conversation with a member of our team, so that we can advise you of the best solutions we can offer, or direct you to specialists for further advice if required.

BOOK YOUR Pre Access Control Survey

In this brief 10 min call we will explain the options available & how we can help.

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