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Getting Started with CR Pay
Getting Started with CR Pay

How to get start using CR Pay

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Getting started with ClubRight Pay is really easy as we will be on hand to take you through the whole process from start to finish. to ensure that you are up and running smoothly.

Your starting position

  • You could be new to Direct debits and can get the ball rolling really quickly by getting you set up on ClubRight Pay then be collecting payments all in a matter of days.

  • You are currently using a different Direct Debit provider which is easy for us to swap you over to ClubRight Pay.

  • You can also move your existing Direct Debits over to ClubRight Pay, we can do this for you in what is called a "Bulk Transfer" and we will of course manage the heavy lifting of this process for you.

Getting Started

Simply click on the button below fill in a few very quick details and then a team member will reach out to you to discuss your needs

Now sit back and the team will be in contact to take you through the next stages

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