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ClubRight Pay FAQ's
ClubRight Pay FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about ClubRight Pay

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This article covers the most frequently asked questions about ClubRight Pay, if we have not covered your question here. click on the button at the bottom of this page.

  • What is ClubRight Pay?
    Clubright Pay is a BACS compliant Direct Debit payments service, fully-integrated into the Clubright platform and brought to you by the Clubright team.

  • Is ClubRight Pay secure?
    Absolutely! ClubRight Pay is powered by London & Zurich, who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, authorisation number 712747. They are one of the UK’s leading BACS approved Direct Debit processors and manage all of the Direct Debit compliance needs for you business.

  • How easy is it to sign-up for ClubRight Pay?
    Easy! In true ClubRight fashion, we do not ask for any financial commitment or set-up fee up front, we capture some basic information to begin the process. Our partner organisation (L&Z) will reach out to you to provide appropriate documentation, to satisfy the current UK Money Laundering and CDD financial legislation.

    Upon documentation validation your ClubRight Pay account set-up will be complete, and you can begin to set-up Direct Debits in as little as 48 hours from application.

  • Can I move existing Direct debits to ClubRight Pay?
    Yes, absolutely! If your members currently pay by Direct Debit to another organisation, then you can move them without creating new DD instructions, or gaining their prior approval, via our BACS approved Bulk Change scheme. When you start with Clubright pay, we will discuss this option with you.

  • Can I use ClubRight Pay if I don't have the ClubRight software package?
    As Clubright pay is powered by the Clubright software platform, you will require our software to enable Clubright Pay. Please talk to us today and let us demonstrate how Clubright can deliver outstanding value and service to your facility.

  • Can I talk to someone before I make a decision?
    Of course, we’d love to talk and get to know your business better. Click on the button below to schedule a call with one of our specialists.

  • How much does it cost?
    The Clubright ethos has always been to offer an affordable, transparent and predictable pricing structure. ClubRight Pay is no different.

    • If you are subscribed to our Complete package, you will pay 40p per successful transaction.

    • If you are subscribed to our Core package, you will pay 45p per successful transaction.

    There is NO charge for unsuccessful Direct Debit attempts.

    There are also no set-up fees, no ancillary fees, no line fees, no minimum fees, no amendment fees and no bounce payment fees against either you or your members. It’s as transparent as it gets.

  • When do I get paid?
    Our settlement timings are amongst the quickest in the sector. Successful payments will reach you 3-working days after collection day.

  • How long does it take to set up a direct debit?

    It will take 6 working days from signup to take the 1st Direct debit automatically.

    For example If it is the 02.08.2023 today and I setup a direct debit, only payments from the 09.08.2023 will be collected automatically, before then needs to be done manually.

  • Which business types does ClubRight Pay support?
    Unlike many Direct Debit organisations, Clubright Pay is a champion of all business structures, and we are happy to support UK registered Limited companies, Charities, Trusts, Partnerships and Sole-traders.

  • What does it say on my members bank statements?
    Unless you opt for our bespoke SUN service (see below), your member’s Direct Debits will show as “MyMembership” on their bank statements.

  • Can I have my Gym/Facility name on the members bank statements?
    Yes! We are offering the opportunity, via our bespoke-SUN (Service User Number) service, for you to get your name on your members bank statements. We will order on your behalf a dedicated and personalised SUN. There is an additional cost for this service, please see our pricing for more details.

  • I already have my own SUN, can I still us ClubRight Pay?
    Yes, please contact us for a tailored quotation based on Direct Debit volume

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