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Credit Overview

Creating a credit to allow your non-members to book into activity.

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Firstly go to the settings

Then click on the products tab

Now click on the button to add in a new product

Enter in the name of the credit

Change product type to credit

Basic options

Till Name - If you would like to show this under another title on the admin till.

Nominal code - allows you to group product sales together. Please set this up with your accountant.

Group - allows you to select a product group. This will then show under the gorup on the till.

Price - enter the price of the product

VatRate - allow you to seup a vat rate to be included in the price

Credits - enter in how many credits the customer will receive. 1 credit will allow 1 booking

Credits valid for - enter how long the credit can be used for. if setup to 7 days, the customer needs to book a class which will start in the next 7 days.

Activity access - select what activity the credit can book into

Advanced options

Available to purchase for - select where this credit can be brought by customers.

till only = only in club

members only = only members can purchase online

non-members only = only those without a membership plan can purchase online

Non-members and members = everyone can purchase online

Joining offer - if this comes up as an option to purchase when signing up

Bolt-on - if this can be added onto a membership plan

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