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How to Personalise your Members App
How to Personalise your Members App

Make your Members App branded to your business

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It is super easy to spend a few minutes making sure sure that you members have the best experience in your business at all times and here is how.

What looks better?

Step 1: Enter logo

Settings > club info > club info tab > click on the main logo/app logo and upload the image.

This will refresh your home button icon on the app.

Step 2: Change app tab images

Settings > club info > members area > click on the images > upload your new images

Step 3: Add logo onto the app homepage

Settings > club info > members area > click the link to the members area home page.

Click edit > add in your image > adjust the size > centre the photo.

We would advise removing white space around the logo.

You can adjust the size by clicking on the uploaded image and in the bottom right dragging this in. image below is 230.5 x 195.

Step 4: Add images to membership plans and products

Settings > Membership plans > Click on the plan > Upload an image.

When on the membership plans also click on the details tab and make your plans featured.



These quick simple steps will make your Members App jump out as your business at the same time as helping your members.

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