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How to set up the Technogym Training Coach App

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We have teamed up with Technogym to provide your Club and its members access to the exciting Training Coach App all powered by Expertise & Knowledge of Technogym.

So what is it?
​The Technogym Training Coach App gives you the ability to provide all of these incredible tools to help your members all in one place linked via the ClubRight Member App.

  • Technogym Coach Assessment

  • Precision Program your members workouts

  • Create Training Programs

  • Set up Gym Process program to target body areas

  • Daily Progress Goals

  • Video Training guides

  • Challenges both individual and as a Community

  • Your Personal Overview

How do I get set up?

Step 1
It will be necessary for Technogym to firstly set up you up with a Technogym company Account, the ClubRight team will take you through the set process.

Step 2
Once your Technogym Account is set up we will then be passed a Unique API key for your club, which will allow us to set up your integration.

Step 3
The ClubRight Team will then set up your Tile on the Member App so that your members can then create their account and gain access.

How much is it to get set up?

This is most probably the "icing on the cake as they say"
Its FREE to ClubRight customers due to our integration with Technogym

All you need to do is contact the Help Desk and Quote "SET ME UP"

The team will then start the process with Technogym to get your clubs access to this amazing Member training App

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