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Appointment Bookings Part 1
Appointment Bookings Part 1

How to set up Appointment bookings part of the Complete Solution

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Trying to make it simple and easy for customer to book and pay for one to one sessions that just work better for your customer.

Why would I use this feature?

There are many reasons why allowing your customer to book an appointment based on your availability, making it convenient for them and save you administration time.

Can be used for

  • One to One sessions or appointments

  • PT sessions

  • Inductions

  • Re assessments

  • Coaching sessions

Before getting started you MUST fill out your opening times. To get here you will go to the settings > Club info > then click the club access tab and fill this out.

If you are a 24-hour club you MUST enter the times as opening 00:00 and closing 00:59.

How do I set this up?

Set Appointment Types

Step 1 - Go to Settings and Select Appointment types

Step 2 - Appointment Types shows a list of all those that you have set up been set up
Step 3 - Next click the green Add New Appointment type to set up a new Appointment
Step 4 - Give your Appointment a name

Step 5 - Then click the add and edit button

Step 6 - Now set up the Appointment Description
Step 7 - How long the duration of this session is in minutes
Step 8 - Decide a cool down period is the gap between each appointment to stop someone being able to book you back to back sessions with no breaks.
Give your self time between each session
Step 9 - Add an image for your customers to see when they book your appointment time

How to set up the rules for an Appointment Type

Staff allocation - who can Run this session, which ensure the correct qualified/skilled members of staff can deliver this service.

Membership Plan Access - Which Membership Plan allows me access to book these appointments as they are included as part of this membership plan or plans selected

Product Access - Set up product with a credit to allow booking of this service in the same way as a class, where payment is needed as it is not included as part of a membership plan.

Resources - You would select this for a piece of equipment like a Spin Bike required for an appointment
Allows you to Pre-set up a Spin Bike for multiple appointments

Set Up Staff Working Schedules

So the purpose of this section is to set up when staff members are available to be booked, which can be done for all staff that you wish to be set up.

Step 1 - Settings Go to Staff
Step 2 - Select a staff member
Step 3 - Go to the Appointments tab
Step 4 - Choose colour to identify a staff member easily
Step 5 - Set up the availability for the days and the times where someone is available to be booked.

Share an individual Staff's own diary availability

There is a Unique Link for each member of staff which allows you to share on your website or social media for example, making it really easy for customers to see when a person can be booked.

Share a Staff members calendar availability can be done using this link

In Summary

  • The Staff are set up with their Appointments

  • They are also qualified to deliver these Appointments

  • The Appointments are able to booked as included in a Membership Plan or by one product session purchase

  • How to share an individual staff's own availability

  • A resource can be added for an appointment

Where do I find this feature?

The Appointments feature is all part of the Complete Solution among many other benefits that are designed to help you grow your business.

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