Tips to ensure a successful onboarding

Good to know before your first onboarding session

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Tips to ensure a successful onboarding:

  • We suggest that you include any staff in the Set-Up Sessions that will be operating the Clubright system on a day-today basis. If you’re the business owner for example, do you have a staff member that will take charge of the day-to-day club administration? If so, bring them into the sessions!

  • Try and plan your set-up sessions to take place in a quiet spot, free from distractions, and at a time when you are receptive to learning. You may want to join the sessions from home for example, if you find that easier with less distractions.

  • We’ve provided some useful on demand video content links here, if you have time before our set-up sessions, we strongly encourage you to view them, and practice what you see in them, on the system itself. We suggest that you start from the top and work down.

  • Have a clear idea of your key business priorities, for example selling membership plans might be your most important element, think about everything you need to do in the Clubright system, and we’ll make sure all is covered in the set-up sessions.

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