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Appointments Bookings Part 2
Appointments Bookings Part 2

How to book Appointments

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Now that you have the Appointment types set up it is time to make them available to be booked, which can be accessed via the Member App or in Club by a staff member where an appointment can be added in manually.

How a member books on their Member App

A Member/Customer will typically make their booking via their Member App making it simple, easy and convenient for your them meaning it will also save you time as well.

It is so easy, it almost requires no real knowledge on how to make a booking as ClubRight will know what can be shown to the customer, also what is included as part of their membership plan and if not included in their membership plan it will ask for the service to be paid for to complete the Appointment booking.

So what does your Member see?

Step 1 - Click on Make a Booking

Step 2 - Can choose by Appointment type that they wish to book and it will show
only the qualified staff members to deliver that Appointment

Step 3 - Can also choose by the person they wish to book if preferred and it will display
what times they have available to book

Step 4 - Then your customer can choose what type of Appointment they wish
to book

Step 5 - Once the customer has clicked Select ClubRight will validate if
they have a Membership which includes this appointment as part of what
is already paid for each month

Step 6 - If not included in a Membership Plan ClubRight will ask for
a card payment to complete the booking process.

Makes booking an Appointment a simple seamless process all accessible in the
ClubRight Member App.

How to book an Appointment in Club

Step 1 - Go to Diary and Select Appointments

Step 2 - Select the time on the diary you wish to book
Step 3 - Select the instructor
Step 4 - Select the Appointment Type you wish to book

Step 5 - Select the time from the drop-down of available times, which will automatically know that staff members time that is free to be booked.

Step 6 - You can also allocate a location for this appointment to take place
Step 7 - If required notes can also be added to this appointment which can assist the staff member who is delivering the service

If the customer/member does not have this type of appointment included in their membership plan you will be prompted to make payment via the Till in the normal way.

How to make a staff member unavailable to be booked

How to make a quick availability changes can be done by blocking out a section of the diary when a staff members hours change.

Step 1 - Click on the diary for the day you wish to change a persons availability which will then pop up like this

Step 2 - Select the instructor you want to make Unavailable and the time period that applies to then make this person not able to be booked at that point in time.

Step 3 - This will then show a period of time where a person cannot be booked as they are no longer available

Where do I find this feature?

The Appointments feature is all part of the Complete Solution among many other benefits that are designed to help you grow your business.

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