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New Members Grid
Updated over a week ago

Why would I use this feature?

The Members Grid allows you to search your total membership database in a way that you want to see it, using a simple easy pin approach to fix the filters that you would like to see.

The Members Grid also has a faster smarter search facility making it even easier to search more efficiently.

How do I set this up?

Step 1 - Go to the Members Grid from the left hand navigation bar

Step 2 - Click on the toggle called Show Quick Filters to reveal the filters you can choose to pin to the top of the page and create your own view of the Members Grid

Step 3 - Select by clicking the Pin on each filter that you wish to be visible and ignore the ones that you do not wish to see all of the time

Step 4 - Once you have pinned your choice just click the toggle switch again to then fix the items you have pinned to the top of your new look Members Grid.

If you want to change how it looks at any time you wish just follow the above steps and change the pins for a different view of the Members Grid.

You will see some different filters for the Complete solution which include

  • Member Tagging - Allows your to create your own Tags by which you can then apply, to further filter your customers data in the grid

  • Sales Funnel Stages - Easy to then filter your prospects by the stage they are in within the Sales Funnel

    If you want to find out more about the many benefits of the Complete Solution as to speak to a Member of the Customer Support Team who will be able to share the many benefits

In Summary

  • The New look Members Grid provides you a better way to see things your way

  • Hide the filters you do not use very often

  • Change the look at the click of Pin to hold in place what is important to you

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