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Anti Tailgating Alert
Anti Tailgating Alert

Stop members sharing their access

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โ€‹Why would I use this feature?

This feature helps prevent membership sharing by allowing you to specify how often a member can visit within a certain timeframe. You can choose the maximum number of visits allowed and the time period for these limits. By default, members are limited to two visits in 24 hours.

This feature gives you control over membership access, making it easier to manage and secure your club. Say goodbye to unauthorized use and hello to a simpler, safer membership system.

How do I set this up?

Step 1

From your admin dashboard head to the Settings menu in the top right corner the select Club Info

Step 2

Click on the Club Access tab along the top

Step 3

Via the Maximum Number of Visits Allowed In Set Time Period field on the right hand side, select the maximum number of visits you like to allow

Now configure the Time Period for Allowed Number of Visits (Hours) field

If someone exceeds the allocated number of visits a notification will show via the admin dashboard.

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