If you are looking to open another account with us or upgrade your current ClubRight account please contact the sales team at enquiries@clubright.co.uk so we can advise on the best course of action, plus discuss the benefits of having multiple ClubRight accounts.


Moving can in some cases be a change of business address, and because we are a cloud based solution, it will be as simple as it should be to move, all you need to do is update your Club Info. If the move requires new levels of functionality such as Access Control or a ClubRight Upgrade, please contact the Sales Team at enquiries@clubright.co.uk or call us on 0203 884 9777.



When you are selling your business, it is very important from a data protection point of view that you make contact with us. We will need to have contact with the new owners to provide them with a quick call to help familiarise them with ClubRight, as a new customer. It is also critical to ensure we follow the correct ICO process as to not infringe upon data protection laws.


We really appreciate being kept up to date with any changes to your business to ensure we are providing you with all the support you need. This is particularly important when it comes to changes in staff, location, or requirements.
If you have a new ClubRight Ninja, or a key member of staff has changed, we are happy to provide free assistance with bringing your staff up to speed with using ClubRight. 

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