Within this article we are going to go over how to setup a paid upfront membership plan. The first step is to create a plan to do this you will go to the settings cog in the top right then down to memberships. Now click to add a new plan.

To setup a paid upfront plan you will firstly need to determine how long the membership plan is going to last for example one month, 6 months, 1 year etc. As it is paid upfront we are going to set this up to cancel after the time period is up.

On the details tab of the membership plan there is a section called contract length, in here you will enter how long it will last for, then under please ensure the tickbox is selected for cancel at the end of contract.

Now onto the payment method as it is paid upfront it will either need to be collected by card or cash as direct debit is for reoccurring amounts only.

Now you will go to the payment schedule tab and select the earliest payment date to be 01/01/0001 and to be collected immediately then enter in the cost of the membership plan and for it to be collected once.

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