Setting Up Access Control with one of our Approved Providers could not be any easier.


Step One you will need to install the clubright welcome screen on to your Windows device.
You can find this in "Settings" > "Club Info" & then on the Tabs at the top, please go to "Apps" - Please see image below for what the Welcome Screen download looks like. Next, click on "Download".

Step Two once the welcome screen is installed press F12. This will open up the command box. 

There are some simple codes that need to be set up to work with the ClubRight approved controller you have fitted

Gate Command
Door Command would be 040
4 seconds
Turnstile Command would be 010
10 seconds

COM Port
This will be the port that the controller is connected by USB to for example
(please ensure that there are no spaces here)

ClubRight will receive the command from the controller, then replace "R" with "G", and write to the com port with the above gate command appended:

Eg (for a door command above)
received: R0
sent: G0:040

Step Three then select a member with a number or card attached to swipe through and attend. This will then verify that it is all working as expected. You may need to close and the reopen the welcome screen.

Trouble shooting and advice to installers
There are a few things which could stop the access control working

1) It may be necessary to uninstall and reinstall the latest .Net framework (4.8) if it teh normal set is not not working.

2) Check that the correct approved products have been installed

3) Ensure any previous software for access control is uninstalled before installing
ClubRight Welcome Screen application, onto the Windows 10 PC. As well you will need to ensure that the Approved Controller nortech testing software is also uninstalled.
4) Follow our installation guide

If you have any problems with access control the best people to contact will be the Approved Supplier you have chosen the team who have installed the hardware, please find there information below. 

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