We define Multi-site Access as a club that has more than one facility. With this feature, you can sell memberships that either allow access to just one of the sites, and you can sell memberships that offer access to both or all of your sites. Remember, this product is only available to ProRight customers - message us to find out about upgrading! 😊

For Example...

Wayne's Gym has 3 sites: Club A, Club B and Club C. When a member purchases *All Site Access* membership in any of these clubs, it will allow that person access to all 3 sites as long their membership is Active.

How to Set up Multi Site Access

Go to Settings Menu and click Club Info.

Focusing on the Membership Settings, tick the Access from Other Clubs button. Then click Save Changes.

How to Restrict a Membership Plan to One Site 

Go to the Membership Plan that you would like to restrict.
In the Membership Details Section, make sure the Group Club Access box is NOT ticked. This will limit this membership's access to the club it was purchased in.

For Example...

Thinking back to Wayne's Gym - when the member purchases a membership in Club A, it will allow that person access to Club A only.

How to Set up A Multi-site Membership Plan

Go to the Settings Menu.
Click Membership Plans.
In the Membership Details Section, tick the Group Club Access box and click Save Changes. This will allow access to all sites.

Sales Top Tip 💡

When it comes to a club that has multiple sites, rather than just offering members the chance to use more than one gym as your primary selling point. You will most likely increase your sales by offering a cheaper Membership to someone who is never going to visit the other sites!

Multi site access is for access only and does NOT allow for Class bookings across different sites. Class bookings can ONLY be made in the club where the membership was sold.

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