Within this article you are going to find how to setup a credit that a member can purchase online and use to book into a class. 

  1. Firstly you are going to go onto the products tab, to get here you will go to the settings cog in the top right now to products

2. Click to setup a new product

3. Now enter the name of the product and how you will like it to appear

4. Select the nominal code if you are using these and the group that the product will come under if applicable 

5. Now you will select the price of the product

6. Enter in how many credits they will get when they purchase the product, 1 credit will mean they can only book into 1 class before needing to purchase more. Now select how long these credits will last, if it goes after this time they will not be available to be used

8. Were it says available to purchase select members and nonmembers this means everyone can purchase the product and be able to book in

9. Now you will select the classes the member can book into with this credit. 

Now click save and the members can purchase the credit online to book into classes 

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