Within this article we are going to go over how to setup an off peak membership plan. This will include the different features you can use as well as how to setup the time restrictions.

Setting up an off peak membership plan is super simple. Firstly go to the settings cog in the top right , then to memberships. Now you will create a new membership plan.

You will fill in the plan just like normal including how long the contract length is as well as payments etc.

To make this an off peak plan you will click on the restriction tab and then press to allow time restrictions. Now you will enter in all the times the member is allowed into the club anything not in this time the member will be denied access.

This will stop members on individual walk-ins to the club however this will not restrict any bookings.

example below

Don't forget, you can also use Session Limits to limit how many times a week, day, month, or year a member can enter your gym! Once the session limits have been met next time the member goes to enter the club they will be denied access.

If you need any further help, don't hesitate to click the orange button in the bottom-right!

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