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Selling, Moving, Expanding?
Selling, Moving, Expanding?

Selling, Moving, Expanding your business with ClubRight.

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When you are selling your business, it is extremely important from a data protection point of view, that you make contact with us.

It is critical to ensure we follow the correct ICO process as to not infringe upon data protection laws.

You will need to provide us with proof of sale from you, as the old owner (a Scanned copy is fine), including the date of acquisition to the new owner. This is part of a process that we need to follow, as we are dealing with peoples data.

It is advisable for you to add the new owner(s) in to your system (Owner/admin) level so that they can take over when your details are removed by them on the agreed date.

You should also contact any payment providers too, so that they can explain their change of ownership process.

Once we have this "Change of Ownership confirmation", we can then send the new owners the details on how to set up their Monthly payment to us, so that we can continue our service offering.

Please Note

The new owners will also need to confirm who their "ClubRight Ninja" will be and we can arrange to run through the system with them if required.


Moving can in some cases be a change of business address, and because we are a cloud based solution, it will be as simple as it should be to move, all you need to do is update your Club Info. If the move requires new levels of functionality such as Access Control or a ClubRight Upgrade, please contact the Sales Team at or call us on 0203 884 9777.


If you are looking to open another account with us or upgrade your current ClubRight account please contact the sales team at so we can advise on the best course of action, plus discuss the benefits of having multiple ClubRight accounts.

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