Creating a new booking in your diary

Setting up your clubs calendar

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To add a new Class, activity or booking to your diary, follow these steps:

Adding a new booking

Step 1

Select Diary from the menu on the left of the screen.

Step 2

Double click anywhere on the Diary screen to add your new entry.

Step 3

You will now be prompted to create the booking. 

First of all choose when you'd like the activity to start. Click on the calendar icon, select the date and then the time.

Step 4

Select the activity you wish to add to the Calendar from the drop down box.

This will then display the pre-defined settings for that activity, including the default Resource & Person. Should you wish to change the settings for the Activity, click Edit. 

Step 5

Finally select the frequency of the Activity. If it is a one off, select Once and then click save. 

If it is a recurring Activity, select the relevant frequency (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly), the day on which it recurs (you can choose as many as you like) and the desired end date of the sequence.  

Now click save and the activity will show in your clubs diary.

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