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How to Create a Paid Upfront Membership Plan
How to Create a Paid Upfront Membership Plan

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Within this article we are going to go over how to setup a paid upfront membership which will be for a set period of time.

Step 1

Create a plan to do this you will go to the settings cog in the top right then down to memberships. Now click to add a new plan.

To setup a paid upfront plan you will firstly need to determine how long the membership plan is going to last for example one month, 6 months, 1 year etc. As it is paid upfront we are going to set this up to cancel after the time period is up.

Step 2:

Info Tab
Allows you to set up how the membership plan will look when a customer buys it online and sell the benefits.

Step 3:

Details Tab

Setup the contract length to how long you would like this to last, if the plan is annual setup to 1 year.

Now click 'cancel at the end of contract'
You can then fill in the remainder of the info tab such as if it can be brought online etc.

Step 4

Setup the renewal window, this would allow a member to purchase a plan in advance of the contract ending to start when the current plan ends.

Step 5

Setup the restrictions tab if you would like to limit how many times the member can enter, or when they can enter.

Step 6:

Activity Access Tab
You can decide which activities are included within the price of the membership.

Step 7:

Bolt Ons Tab
With Bolt ons you are able to manage the number of times certain services can be used within in a period of time.

Step 8:

Payment Schedule

Enter in the full amount of the plan and have frequency to once. This ensures the full payment goes out right away.

Means you are to not include a membership plan in your overall membership count. So for example if you have special offers that are free or shot like a Weeks Free pass do not include them would make sense.

Top tip
On the right hand side of the page the Plan Summary to see exactly how the membership plan is set up. Allows you to see if it is as you intended before it goes live for customers to buy online.

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