How to create a PT Session

Booking PT or One to One sessions

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Booking in a One to One session could not be any easier using ClubRight!

How to set up a One to One Session

When you create the Activity you need to make it a 1 to 1 activity, which would look like this example below:

Then add the Activity into the diary as shown in this video.

This means that you now have an Activity that is set up on your Diary Page ready to be booked for a Member/Client of the club. 

Just click on the activity to show the adding a member to that activity area.

Next, search to find the relevant member that needs to be booked into this activity.

Note: If there is a Not Paid Icon like this example, ClubRight is telling you that
this needs to be paid for, as it is not already paid for or included in the Membership Plan - so money needs to be collected.

Once this activity to has been booked and Paid for, ClubRight cleverly makes the Member/Client's name that is booked very clear on the diary page so that at glance you can see who is in that session and what the session is.

Below shows a session booked with a name and a PT Session that is available to be booked without a name.

The benefit of this is that ClubRight instantly shows you who your 1 on 1 classes are with, so you'll never need to worry about forgetting a Client's name again! 🤣 

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