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Setting up your Club Info in your ClubRight Account

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The Members Area is the unique place each one of your customers has to interact with the club. 

You can now also set up how the Members Area looks when your customer comes to their Page by adding content in the Club Info are under Settings.

Click on the Settings menu. Then, select Club Info.

You will see this first view of the Club Info page. 

Scroll down until you see the Members Area Settings. Click on the placeholder images to replace them to images of your choice - remember to choose clear images that relate to your brand! Click here for recommended free stock images.

Next, you can tick which settings you want to apply for your members.

  • If Show Membership Plans during Signup is ticked, this will take your member straight through to choose which membership plan they wish to purchase.

  • Ticking 'New Prospect' Email Notification means that everyone with owner access in your club will receive an email whenever a new prospect signs up, or a new prospect drops off before completing their purchase (meaning they are still a hot prospect).

  • 'New Membership' Email Notification refers to any membership that is purchased online. An email notification will alert anyone with owner access in your business to any new members joining. 

Next, fill in any information that you would like to be visible to members of your club in the Club Info text box. This can include opening times, special notices and even a workout of the week!

Now you're all set up and ready to go! 😁

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