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How does Direct Debit using DFC Work? πŸ€”
How does Direct Debit using DFC Work? πŸ€”

FAQs for Debit Finance Collections

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DFC (also known as Debit Finance) are a full-service Direct Debit Provider that allow you to collect money and remain connected using ClubRight software.
The integration has a certain workflow (as controlled by DFC) which is explained in this article so that you know how it works for your club.

Setting Up with DFC

  • Setting up usually takes 10 days (approx.)

  • There is a chargeable set up fee

  • A Minimum Contract Period will apply, which is typically 12 Months or more.

  • Transaction Fees are Price on Application.

  • For the DFC Online line Joining Portal, there is an additional charge, typically Β£35 per month.Β 

  • The setup process requires contact with a DFC representative, which you can do here, making sure that you let them know you're a ClubRight Customer. You can also call 01908 422 000.

Membership Plans

DFC are responsible for setting up all membership plans, which typically takes 5 working days.

Amending a Membership Plan with DFC

If you need to edit a Membership Plan you will need to contact DFC, as they are responsible for managing the Membership Plans.
A membership plan cannot be added without DFC creating it for you, which means that it will be necessary to speak to DFC first to make this possible.

Payment Updates

The Member status updates made with DFC show the customer as Active or Inactive, because DFC manage your memberships. So to see specific payment amounts, you will need to log in to DFC Data Retrieval outside of ClubRight.
All payment updates are communicated on a regular basis to your ClubRight software, by changing the members status to be either Active or InActive (Cancelled). This is an electronic communication as part of our integration.

Money Cleared

Money collected is paid into your business bank account 5 working days after the collection day. Again, please refer to DFC Data Retrieval for details on the payment amounts.


All of our integrated partners will operate with DFC.

Pro-rata and Joining Fees

Pro-rata will only function correctly if DFC takes the pro-rata amount on the first collection, when using your Fast DD portal. There will also be no payment update in ClubRight as no specific amounts collected are shown within the ClubRight software.

To summarise, the integration is largely controlled by DFC. Therefore if you have any further questions, please contact DFC by calling 01908 422 000 or following the links below:

Upgrading or Changing a DFC Membership Plan

Upgrading a plan can be done be cancelling the Membership Plan in DFC Data Retrieval which will then trigger a cancelled message back to ClubRight to end that members access to your club.

You would then add them using the same email address as saved in ClubRight join as if they were a new member which will add that new membership plan to them.

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