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The different payment methods which you can use with ClubRight

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Within this article we are going to go over the different payment methods within ClubRight from Direct Debits to Card and cash.

Firstly please see below the different payment methods which you can use with ClubRight, we will then go into each payment method and how they work. We also have more in-depth articles on each company we use which you can find in our help centre.

Payment Methods:



Direct debit

- ClubRightPay

- Gocardless

- Harlands


Standing Order


We will now go into each payment method in a little more detail:

Cash - Is a till only feature which you will take this amount inhouse, it can be used to pay for a membership plan once overdue or to purchase credits through the till.

Card - You can take online card payments within ClubRight both through the members area and within the club using stripe. Card can be used for monthly payments as well as upfront for both membership plans and credits. No card needs to be present once it is saved.

DirectDebit - A customer can setup a direct debit for all reoccurring monthly payments on a membership plan, Direct debits are automatically collected by the direct debit provider. You can use a direct debit to collect monthly payments online automatically, you cannot use a direct debit to make a one off purchases on a product.

You can only integrate with 1 direct debit provider at a time.

If you are already with a direct debit provider please make our either our sales team aware of this when coming onboard. Or contact us through the orange button.

Standing order - Can only be used to take monthly membership payments. ClubRight believes you have taken this amount externally therefore will automatically say the membership plan has been paid.

PDQ - This is a till-only feature in which ClubRight believes you have taken a payment by an external card machine and therefore believes the amount has been paid. This can only be used for one off payments through the till.

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