How to setup your diary settings

A brief guide on getting the most out of your diary.

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Finding the Diary Settings

Firstly you will need to go to the settings cog in the top right, then click on to club info, within here you can find your diary settings. 

Diary Hours: You can set what is displayed within the diary area. For example, if you choose the first time as 6, your diary will start at 6am. If you choose 23 for last, your diary will end at 11pm

Booking Availability: How far in advance the members can book in, if set to 7 the members can see the classes 7 days in advance, therefore, they can only sign up 7 or fewer days before the activity. 

Booking cancellations: How many hours in advance the member can cancel, for example, 1 hour means they can cancel 1 hour in advance and regain their credit.

Booking Auto Attendance: If selected this will automatically mark the member as attended, if they scan themselves in to the club within 30 minutes of their start time.

IMPORTANT - Please ensure the Diary Hours settings are setup hourly, you cannot implement half-past/quarter-past etc.

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