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Access Control - Turnstile and Door Install
Access Control - Turnstile and Door Install

Setup guide for Access Control Turnstile and Door Installation of the Welcome Screen

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ClubRight Access Control Guide

Please follow this guide closely, to ensure your ClubRight access control setup is going to work correctly.

It is important to ensure that your access control set up has a dedicated Windows 10 PC. Please ensure the computer has at least 6GB of physical memory, having less than this could cause infrequent crashes.

Initial Setup

1) You will need to install the ClubRight welcome screen on to your Windows device.
You can find this in "Settings" > "Club Info" under the "Apps" tab - click "Download" in the Welcome Screen box.

This will then download the latest version

2) Run the setup.exe file you've just downloaded, when the welcome screen is installed you can log in to it with your owner account. Press F12, this will open up the settings menu shown here:

4) Please fill in the settings menu, as below.

Gate Command
A door command will be "040", for 4 seconds
A turnstile command will be "010", for 10 seconds

COM Port
Please select the COM port your Nortech controller is connected to, such as "COM1", "COM2", or "COM3".

Please ensure you do not leave any spaces.

5) Next to "Reader ID" there is a "set" button. You can click that, and then scan any barcode or QR code with your scanner to link up the scanner to your welcome screen.

6) Click save, then restart your welcome screen.

7) You can then download the ClubRight member app, or your club's branded app. When you log in to a member account, simply scan the barcode or QR code to confirm the system is working.


You also have the options to turn on or disable the welcome screen sound via the settings > club info > club access. Within here you can turn it on or off.


These are some fixes to some common problems with the welcome screen.

1) Please ensure you have .net 6.0, and Edge WebView 2 installed.

2) Check that your have the correct approved controllers installed, you can check this with your approved supplier that installed your controller, who can contact us if they have any issues or concerns.

3) Please ensure that any software from previous suppliers are uninstalled, and there can be conflicts. Additionally, please make sure that the Nortech testing software is also uninstalled.

4) It is important to ensure that your access control set up has a dedicated Windows PC. Please ensure the computer has at least 6GB of physical memory, having less than this could cause infrequent crashes.

5) If you have issues accessing the F12 menu, as your keyboard does not have an F12 key, or it's not working for you, you can find an F12 key on the on-screen keyboard included with Windows.

7) If you believe your scanner is having issues, please scan the QR code below to perform a factory reset.

Installation Dates

When you have an install date confirmed with your chosen supplier it is important to ensure that we are made aware of the install date via the Help Desk (Orange Circle) at least 48 hrs before the install is to take place.

The reason is that if the on-site installer needs to make contact with ClubRight for assistance, we want to be available to assist if necessary. Usually our installed suppliers can complete the task independently, but we like to be there if needed.

Further Assistance

If you have any problems with your access control, or are looking for experts to guide you through creating a solution, the best people to contact will be your approved supplier who have installed the hardware, please find their information below:

Approved ClubRight Suppliers

Omega Security Systems
Contact 1: Simon White
Tel: 01274 736526 / Mobile: 07786172971S

Contact 2: James Littlefair
Tel: 01274 736526

Phoenix Fire and Security

Contact: Paul Haughey (Managing Director)

Absolute Protection Group

Contact: David McKeown

Tel: 07823774725

All Right Now
Contact: Sales

Henry Tawari

Tel. 07969909047

LAM Automation Ltd

Tel: 07799473432


Book your Access Control Survey

To ensure we provide the right advice for your Access control needs use this link to book a call

The purpose of this call is to scope out and advise how the ClubRight integration operates

Our approved suppliers know exactly how ClubRight operate, them the perfect contacts for discussing your needs, and if they fit your budget. They will take you through the whole process from quotation to installation, and long term support.

You can also reach us through the Helpdesk in the Orange Circle on ClubRight. While we cannot promise to be able to resolve all Access Control problems, as often the issue is outside of our areas of expertise, we'll try to help on a best effort basis.

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