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How to cancel a membership plan.
How to cancel a membership plan.

Cancel a membership payment

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There are times when a member may decide to cancel their membership with your club, and it's always important to deal with this quickly and efficiently - if the member has a bad experience cancelling, they'll be less likely to become a member again in the future.ย 

Please be aware you need to cancel the membership plan Minimum 5 working days before the payment is due to ensure it is not requested by ClubRight Pay or GoCardless, otherwise the payment will be taken.

How to Cancel a Membership Plan Immediately

Step 1

Go to the Member's Profile.

Step 2

Select the Membership Plan you'd like to cancel and click Edit.

Step 3

Click on the Options tab to reveal the Cancel button.

Step 4

This will allow you then to set the end date for the cancellation, which means that from the date you enter, the member will no longer be able to access your club.

You can choose to cancel the Membership immediately by putting the current date.

How to future date a cancellation

Step 1

If you would like to cancel for the future firstly under the summary tab cancel the subscription (this ensures no future payments are requested).

You can then set up a future cancellation.

Step 2

You can then setup a future cancellation under options and cancel membership, then enter in the new date.

Top Tip โœ…

By letting your member access your club for a certain period of time (e.g. 30 days) after they have decided that they want to cancel, you are providing them with a great level of efficient service that could be the thing that makes them re-join your club later on.

It's also useful if the member decides to cancel soon after a membership payment has been made - otherwise they won't be able to benefit from the month that they have just paid for!

Available for GoCardless and ClubRight Pay Customers only

How to charge for memberships ending


When cancelling a membership on ClubRight it does not change the end date. for example if today is the 19th of June, you setup the cancellation to take place on the 5th of July, and the member is going to be charged on the 1st of July. They will pay a full monthly fee on the 1st.

If you would only like to charge between the 1st and the 5th for example, you will need to go to the members profile , memberships , click edit on the plan, then remove the payment method and change this to cash, Now setup the plan to cancel on the 1st. This ensures no payments are collected for the full amount.

Once you have done this you will now manually work out the amount they owe from the 1st till the 5th.

Then add in a new plan:

  • Change the start date to the same date as the other plan ends,

  • Then change collection day to immediate

  • Earliest payment date to the next payment date such as 01/07/2023.

  • Remove the current payment line and add in a new one

  • Enter in the amount you worked out which the owe

  • Have frequency to monthly

  • How many times to 1

  • Then change "repeat indefinitely" to "don't repeat"

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