Parent/Guardian Accounts

How to set up and manage a member/child account using GoCardless & Stripe.

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This feature allows the member to manage their child/children using their ClubRight Member App.

This feature is ideal for facilities that require a parent or guardian to manage their child's ClubRight account, e.g. dance schools, martial arts clubs etc.

So, how does it work?

Firstly, add the Parent/Guardian as a member in the normal way and have them login online first, so that they can download their app. Once the Parent/Guardian has set up their account and downloaded their app, the child account can be added.

Now the member can add their child to their account by going to the profile tab on the app then tapping Add Another Member/Child. Then the member would follow the same process as normal to add member in their app, without needing another email address.

The parent/guardian is now able to purchase memberships and book activities for that child, using either the same payment details as the Parent/Guardian's account or different ones. 

There's no limit on the number of child accounts that a Parent/Guardian can have, and all of the accounts can be managed through the Parent/Guardian's member app.

View from Club Admin

The above screenshot shows how your club will see the Child accounts that are linked to a member's Parent/Guardian Account. Click view to see the individual Child's account. 

This feature is only available for customers of GoCardless for Direct Debit and Stripe for Card Payments.

Please also note that any changes needing to be made to a child's account can only be made by the the Parent/Guardian - this cannot be done by the club.

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