How to setup payment credits for a class

Set up payment for a class or activity using credits

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How to setup a credit that a member can purchase online and use to book into a class or activity.

Step 1

  • Go Settings cog (top right)

  • Click Products

  • Click Add New product

  • Enter a name for the credit

  • Select Product Type as a 'Credits'

Step 2

Select the nominal code if you are using these, and the Group that the product will come under if applicable (note you must create your Product Groupings first before adding products to those groups)

Step 3

Insert the Product Price

Step 4

  • Enter in how many credits members will receive when purchasing the product, 1 credit will mean they can only book into 1 class before needing to purchase more.

  • Insert how long these credits will last, credits will expire after this period and won't be able for use afterwards.

Step 5

Select the classes the member can book into with this credit:

Step 6

  • Click the "Advanced options" tab

  • Select available to purchase as "Members and non-members" Everyone can purchase the product and be able to book in.

  • Click save and the members can purchase the credit online to book into classes

Top Tip

You can be as creative as you wish with products and credits, allowing you create multiple use bundles with credits that then expire after a certain period of time if not used, or it can be a simple 1 credit for 1 class booked.

IMPORTANT to note is that customer cannot complete a booking unless it is paid.

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