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How can I send files using ClubRight?
How can I send files using ClubRight?

Do you offer a free eBook or Downloadable Workout Plan? It's easy to share these with your members in ClubRight! 😊

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Some clubs or trainers may offer their members the chance to download a digital workout plan, cook book or eBook. The messaging feature in ClubRight allows you to send whatever it is that you're sending to whoever you want to send it to.

You have the ability to message individual members, member groups or your entire membership base. This makes it really easy to deliver a personal and high level of service to your members! If you're not sure how to send a group message, you can click here to learn how to do that.
While you can add JPEG/PNG images ClubRight does not allow for files to be uploaded as attachments to emails, so we recommend using third-party transferring software.Β 

The reason that files are unable to be attached is because when bulk emails are sent, they are more likely to end up in the junk or spam folder. PDF file formats are usually large in size, and so could result in emails taking some time to receive - or even not getting delivered at all.

As mentioned, we recommend using a secure, third party file transfer software that provides a download link, and we've got our top three recommendations below.

WeTransfer is a free file sharing software that allows you to transfer a file or multiple files up to a 2GB limit - and it's completely free! To make it work with ClubRight, all you need to do is get the transfer link and paste it into your email or SMS text message.

Dropbox is another free service, in which you can store and share files as links for your members to download. It would work in the same way as WeTransfer, in that you would simply get your download link from DropBox (see how to do that here) and paste it into your email or SMS text message. It's worth noting that recipients will be prompted to sign into their DropBox account or create an account to be able to download the file that you are sharing.

Similarly to DropBox, Google Drive is a cloud storage facility that allows you to store and share files. All you'll need to access Google Drive is a Gmail account - as with the other solutions, this is completely free (although you can pay for more storage if you wanted to). You can share a link to your file in Google Drive (instructions on how to do that here) and paste it into your email or SMS text message within ClubRight.

We hope that helps! If you have any questions, feel free to message us on the orange button 😊

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