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First-Month-Free Plan

How to setup a free month plan

Updated over a week ago

How to offer a membership where the first month is Free, but then kicks in with a monthly payment a month after joining.

​This feature is only available if you are using GoCardless and ClubRight.

Step 1:

Go to the settings , membership plans tab, then create a new plan.

Step 2:

Fill in the plan as normal such as how long it lasts, if they have access to activities etc

Step 3:

Please be aware you cannot have pro-rata turned on as this will not work with a month free plan.

Go to the payments tab

Have first payment date setup to 01/01/0001

Collection day to immediate

The top payment line will be the free amount. setup to monthly and don't repeat

The bottom payment line will be the full amount , setup to repeat indefinitely

If the plan was added today it would have a full month free, then the full amount on the same date next month.

The membership plan schedule for the customer will then look like this in the customer profile.

Makes it really easy to set up a membership plan offer.

This can only be achieved if you are using GoCardless as your direct debit integrated payment gateway.


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