How to add a repeating Activity/Class in the diary

A simple guide on creating repeating, scheduled, and ongoing events which will continue on your diary in to the future.

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Once your gym is up and running, it's good to get a rhythm going by having a consistent schedule of classes/activities.

ClubRight makes it exceptionally easy to setup these kinds of reocurring activity.

Step 1

Go to the diary , then click on the diary for when you would like the class to be each week/month.

Step 2

Make sure the start time you have selected is correct.

Step 3

Select the activity which you are looking to add to the diary.

Step 4

"How often?" box decided on what basis the event will repeat with daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly as options.

Step 5

Beyond this, you can also manage which days the class will repeat on, if you wanted a twice a week class, and for limited run events you can end the repetition after a set number of occurrences or on a specific date.

Step 6

Then simply click add, refresh your diary and it should show up here.


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