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How to setup a monthly membership plan.
How to setup a monthly membership plan.

A written guide on setting up your basic/typical membership plan.

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Within this article it will show how to setup a monthly membership, Firstly please go to the settings cog, then to membership plans. Now click setup new membership plan.

The first tab will be the info tab. Adding a nice name, a helpful summary, and details description with nice imagery really allows your membership to sell itself, with good information reducing how much your prospects will need to contact you, as they know what they are buying.

Now click the details tab. Below you will find what each feature means.

Max number of members allows the plan to be used for Joint-Memberships, discussed further here and here.

Can be bought online allows members to purchase the plan on their member area or the app. club access allows members on this plan to check themselves in to their club, featured emphasises the plan around the member area and app, pushing customers towards it.

The order/sorting field decides the ordering of your plans when they are all listed together, the contract length decides how long the plan will go on for before expiring or renewing, depending on your "cancel at end of contract" option.

Contact length is how long the plan will run for, if you tick the cancel at the end of contract box it will cancel after the contract length. If you leave this blank it will roll each month.

The earliest start date is mostly used by clubs in pre-sale to delay the start date to their first day open.

Payment options is where you will select how a member will pay for the plan each month for example direct debit card etc.

Now click on the activity access tab. Here you will allow unlimited access to the classes.

Please tick pro-rata as this will work out the amount from the start date to first payment date.

Now select a collection day this can be immediate, 1st of the month. Or collect on multiple dates throughout the month.

Now enter the price of the plan, change frequency to Monthly. How many times to 1. Now repeat indefinitely.

This is an example of one configuration you could use and it's impossible to cover them all, so for any further advice or guidance concerning payment plans we recommend you contact us via the orange button in the bottom-right corner of ClubRight.

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