Online classes with Zoom!

Learn about how to setup your Zoom integration in ClubRight, effortlessly create online classes for your members to attend!

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When providing customers with ways to workout from home, it can be time consuming and sometimes even technically challenging to generate the conference call links, and email it to all attendees. We already explain how to setup a online class here, however, this guide will give you access to further functionality, automating the generation of Zoom conference call links.

Automated Virtual Online Classes

Makes it easy to book Virtual Online classes using the Members App the same as they do classes which are taken in the premises.

Step One
Go to Settings Click on Integrations
Set up your Zoom Account as new user or login if you already have a Zoom account

Zoom will then ask for your approval to complete the integration set up.

Step Two 

Go to your activities to create new Online Classes you wish to run for your members. Set up in the normal way the online activities. You can learn more about creating classes here.

At this point it is important to make all classes that are not marked as "online" unbookable, by removing them from your diary. Ongoing Events can be mass-cancelled from the "Update" button on the Ongoing Schedule tab.

Tick the box at the bottom, shown above, to activate the Online Activity mode.

TOP TIP: To reduce any possible confusion for your members, we recommend setting up a new location for online classes. We recommend "Online @ Home"!

Step 3

Following from here, any class that is online, will generate a Zoom link 24 hours before the start time. If you head to your diary and add the class you just edited, to a time slot within 24 hours of you, you should be able to open the class up and see the below:

As you can see, there is a Zoom link now shown. If you can see this Zoom link then an email has been sent to your members as part of the usual 24 hour reminder prior to classes starting - They will also be sent it immediately if they were to book after this time and it will then be within the booking confirmation email instead.

Step 4 

Your member can now book their online classes via their Member's App, the great thing about our system for this is from a member perspective not much has changed at all.

In the mobile app/member's area, the member chooses their Online Class and books/pays in the same way.

Members will then get an email confirmation with the Zoom link, allowing them to join the online class at the start time.

The member can also join the online class directly from Members App as well, keeping it all in one place.

Set Up a One-to-One Zoom Session

This is something to be used for One to One PT sessions where you might decide to not let the member book it you might wish to book them in.

Allows you to also manually email out this link! 

If you right click the Zoom link shown above, and click Copy Link Address you can then go to the View Class Screen button to open up the class screen.

From here, just click Message All Attendees and you can paste the link above in to your email, making it far quicker and easier than ever to reach out to all sign-ups, pulling them in to the class together.

Zoom Information Set up

If this is your first time using Zoom, or if you have any trouble with using Zoom, we recommend reading the below article created by Zoom themselves, that will walk your thought joining your first meeting.

You can safely forward this article to your customers, to offer them the same help.

If you have any further suggestion for how we can better support your club's online capabilities, or have any questions surrounding our existing systems, please always feel free to reach out and contact us via the orange button in the bottom-right hand corner of your screen on ClubRight!

Uninstalling ClubRight from Zoom

  1. Login to your Zoom Account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

  2. Click Manage > Installed Apps or search for the ClubRight app.

  3. Click the ClubRight app.

  4. Click Uninstall..


  • When using Zoom you can only have one Zoom account integrated with ClubRight at the same time, which will automatically create the unique Zoom link for each class ready for your customers to use.

  • Concurrent or overlapping Zoom classes are also not possible with the integration. Which means for example you cannot have 2 classes both on Zoom starting at 9.00am together. But you could have 2 at 9.00am but only one of them is set up for Zoom at the same time.

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