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How to set up automated Payment Overdue reminders
How to set up automated Payment Overdue reminders

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Using automated communications gives you time back in your business on a daily basis. It allows you to be safe in the knowledge that customers are getting your branded message's at the key points in their relationship with your business.

What does a "Payment Due" trigger mean?

Simply, a payment due, is the term given when a member has missed a payment that you were expecting to receive. This can happen in the case of a Direct Debit &/or Card collection for one of two reasons;

  • The member has insufficient funds in their account to make the payment.

  • The member has cancelled their method of payment like a Direct Debit mandate, or their credit/debit card has expired.

When the payment becomes overdue, this would be the point at which the member starts to get the overdue payment reminders. These can bet sent out automatically based on the timings that you have set up. More importantly, you also control the content of those reminders.

IMPORTANT - This feature will only work with both GoCardless and Stripe, as integrated payment solutions.

Planning Your Overdue Payment Communications
The planning of how communicate with your customers about their overdue payments could not be more important, as you need to take careful thought before setting up each trigger.

Here are some suggested considerations;

  • How many times will a member be contacted until you decide they should not get too many automated communications for not paying?
    Example - 5 automated payment due reminders sent out over a 30 day period

  • What will be the intervals of each communication?
    Example Email 1 Day 2 , Email 2 Day 14 , Email 3 Day 28 etc

  • Write the content of the Email you wish to send in a word document first to ensure it reads correctly, or adapt one of the templates we have provided.

  • Decide if you want to send an email, SMS &/or create a task for a team member.
    For example, you are able to create a number of outputs for each trigger, which could mean sending an email, an SMS and or giving a task to a member of the team to make a call to chase the overdue payment.

  • Do you want to have different membership communications for different membership plans that are overdue payments, or the same for anyone who is overdue a payment to the business?
    For example, you could have the message go out to everyone that is overdue payments, or you can have a different message based on the plan they have purchased; meaning they get a different style of overdue payment message.

  • Consider the importance of Member retention at all times throughout your journey planning, even if you are chasing an overdue payment.
    For example. think about the key points of making sure your member understands why the payment has been missed and also encourage them to get it back up to date, so they can continue to enjoy the services of your club.

How to create a overdue payment Triggers video:
In this video we show you how easy it is to create an Overdue Payment trigger using ProRight.

Templates to use
We have created some tried & tested templates for you to use. Please feel free to adapt them for your customer communications when a customers payment has been missed.

Click here to view the Overdue payment template

Top Tip
Customers do not go out of their way to not pay you .............

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