How to setup a ticketing system

What is ticket purchasing? A guide to setting up and using the ClubRight ticketing system for your events!

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Hi Guys, In this article we will go over how the feature called ' allow ticketing purchasing' when setting up an activity.

How it works: what ticketing will do is once you purchase tickets (credits) then all credit will be used to book into the class. for example if I have 5 tickets (credits) then I book in , it will use all 5 and book me into the activity 5 times. This will use up your spaces.

Step 1

How to set this up: firstly you will go to the settings cog in the top right. Then to activities.

Step 2

Now you will either click on an activity you have created or set on up (we also have an article in the knowledge base for this).

Step 3

Click the bookings tab and tick to allow Allow ticket purchasing?

How a member will use this: A member will purchase credits either in club or through the online shop. Then when they go to book in it will automatically use up the credits. when booking in they will enter the names of why can have each space.

Below is a demo member they have 5 credits currently on the account, when they book in it will use up all 5 and give them 5 spaces on the diary.

you can then see on the diary it has booked 5 places

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