Creating and using Booking Bans

How to stop customers from booking into a specific class for a time period.

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Booking bans will stop the members booking specific actvitiys over a given time frame, this does not affect gym entry

Step 1:

Go onto the customer's profile via the member's grid,

Once you are on the customers profile you will click the restrictions tab.

Step 2:

Now you will click the box next to 'prevent member booking until' and enter in the date which you wish to stop the member from booking until.

Step 3:

To ban from specific classes please follow the below:

When on the restrictions tab you will tick the activities the member is not allowed to book in to.

Now to if you wanted to unban you will need to unselect the class manually.

Step 4:

Make sure you click 'save' on the customers profile.

The member will then not be able to book in online, however you can still manually book the customer in via the diary.

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